I personally find the act of making a wood mosaic very therapeutic. It was this that first gave me the very specific idea of using it as an alternative form of art therapy to help as part of patients’ rehabilitation.

However, I now take my artform to all kinds of settings, as a general fun and rewarding activity with organisations like the National Trust, and to more therapeutically-minded places like hospitals and care homes. Whether I’m getting families to get stuck in producing quirky, personalised pieces of art or working on improving the proprioceptive, motor, neurological or more general rehabilitative journey of patients with physical disabilities, my workshops are always aimed at offering people fun and memorable experiences – with a lasting wooden legacy of their time with me.

To date, in these sessions, I have invited people to make all sorts of things:

Mini mosaics (which can be turned into decorative wall hangings, set of coasters, trivets…)

With prior planning, a large and impressive combined mosaic created for a shared or public space.

Personalised laser engravings onto wooden discs (which can be turned into keyrings, fridge magnets, necklaces, tree decorations, coasters, plaques…)

Tree Spirits!

Art trails for public spaces

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what else we make…

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