I have begun working with primary and secondary schools to teach and inspire children about art and the natural world. In the process of making some impressive wood mosaics, we play nature-themed games, tree-themed quizzes and wood-themed challenges, all specifically designed to get children excited about trees and the vital roles they play across the planet. Through tapping into their own original thought and creativity, I steer students away from the rigid lines and joins typically used in woodwork and get young artists using the natural shapes and colours of wood slices – instantly recognisable from the wide variety of living trees they were derived from.

Each project is unique and can be flexibly tailored to suit the wishes of the school and its educational, recreational or aesthetic goals. Additional elements and activities (such as wood disc necklace / key ring making) can also be used.

To discuss a project and pricing please feel free to get in touch via the CONTACT page or at:

On completion of each project, schools are rewarded with a large-scale and lasting legacy of their children’s creation:

“It was really fun. I loved the different shapes and the feeling of the pieces of wood.” – Hamish, Year 3 (Gazette & Herald)

“It was really fun. I loved the different shapes and the feeling of the pieces of wood.” – Hamish, Year 3 (Gazette & Herald)

“With the aim of teaching and inspiring children about art and the natural world, the wonderful mosaic now stands on the grounds of Twyford, celebrating and remembering their time at Twyford.” – Andrew Harvey, Head (The Twyford Link)

“It was a super amazing art lesson while learning about the different types of trees. I loved the fact that we made a landscape of Ramsbury.” – Arthur, Year 6 (Gazette & Herald)

“It was really wonderful to see all of the children involved and working alongside Zac to produce our beautiful new wood mosaic.” – Lynn Hinder, Art Lead

“The students loved the project and the work Zac did with them in all their art lessons.” – Gayle Hadaway, Art Lead

“I liked making a jigsaw out of the wood.” – Isabelle, Year 1 (Gazette & Herald)

“We have had so many parents, staff and children admiring the mosaics” – Marcelle Steenkamp, Art Lead

“Not only have the children played their part in creating a unique piece of natural art, they have learned about the importance of trees in our world from Zac too.” – Sarah Carpenter, Assistant Head

“These pictures are now proudly presented in the school and are a talking point for visitors and are cherished by the children who proudly point out which picture they helped to create.” – Hannah Newman, Art Lead

“What an amazing project to be part of!! Thank you Zac from NaturalArt for bringing your creativity to St Thomas More’s Primary” – St Thomas More’s Facebook Page

A Film of Broad Chalke Primary School’s Art Week: