The Artist

Until recently, my studies of the natural world have been academic. With a background in science, I’ve long been fascinated by the intricacies and mysteries of my natural surroundings.

However, as I’ve spent more time exploring it, most dramatically on a solo cycle trip from London to Sydney, I’ve found limitations in the depths my scientific studies and more traditional fine art can go in fully expressing and engaging with the wonder and beauty of it all. For this reason, I began a new, pioneering and highly creative exploration dedicated, in part, to the natural materials I now work with.

When I’m not busy making wood mosaics, I’m managing my creative treasure trailing companies: “HISTORY HUNT”, which I set up in 2017 to engage, excite and challenge people with their surroundings (with the promise of a little local treasue!) and “HOME HUNTS”, which I set up in 2020 to aid parents and incentivise kids with homeschooling during the Coronavirus lockdown. Clicking the links below will take you to their websites.

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Zac Newham

A view in to my stint as “The Solo Cyclist”: