All That Matters


There’s sometimes a piece in an artist’s collection which means or matters a little more to each of us than the rest. For me, the artist, it’s this one – so please excuse a little over-description here…

Some pieces, like the larger mosaics, “Tribute”, “Big Bang”, “Glencoe”, take extra hours of patience when laying each individual slice in to the place I see it fit. For others, like “Unclipped” that effort is heavily invested in to the precise crafting of the message I wish to convey; equally or even more time consuming. However, in this piece, though it undoubtedly represents all the hours I’ve spent sawing wood (I could go a lifetime of sawing without finding another slice so singularly and naturally significant – the heartwood shaped as it is), the art is effortless and all the more powerful for it I feel…

I believe there is only one thing that really matters, however rich, talented, good looking, popular or “successful” in whatever other capacity we choose to judge ourselves and others. Here, it’s so clearly and effortlessly displayed in the beauty and unpredictability of the medium I’ve chosen to work with which, sometimes, I have very little control over…much like the subject itself.



DIMENSIONS: 90 x 90cm

PRICE: £150

AVAILABILITY: SOLD (one-off piece due to unique wood slice)